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Bedtime: Tips to Improve Sleep & Make Bedtime Bliss

April 26, 2023 Chanel Blaylock Season 1 Episode 5
The Speech Boutique Podcast
Bedtime: Tips to Improve Sleep & Make Bedtime Bliss
Show Notes

All right parents, the moment you've been waiting for. On this week's episode, we're talking Bedtime strategies.

Just like last week, the key to success in establishing or approaching any routine is communication. And the best way to communicate with your toddler is by using the visual schedule.  Empowering your child by giving them  choices on what pajamas they get to wear, what book's your gonna read, will give your child confidence,  more accountability, and help reduce stress, which will make bedtime more enjoyable for you, your toddler, and your entire family.

I also talk about the importance of making sure that your child's day includes "quiet time" Parents, if you were looking for a magic wand or secret-ingredient to a successful bedtime routine, this is it! 

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