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Mealtime: Making Meals a Highlight of your Child's Day!

April 12, 2023 Chanel Blaylock Season 1 Episode 4
The Speech Boutique Podcast
Mealtime: Making Meals a Highlight of your Child's Day!
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On today's episode, I tackle one of the most frequent questions I receive from clients: how do I get my child to sit at the table and eat?  

Mealtimes are incredibly important for your child's growth and development.  A little bit of time spent planning ahead can ensure that mealtimes are enjoyable for you, your child, and the entire family! 

In this episode, I explain how setting rules, expectations, and encouraging participation helps your child develop healthy routines, pre-mealtime, mealtime, and post-mealtime.  The routines make your child feel more confident, secure, and recognized.  With some persistence mealtimes will soon become some of the most enjoyable parts of you, and your child's day. 

This week, I challenge all of my listeners to start creating routines that include rules expectations, and participation for your next mealtime!

If you had any questions, thoughts, or comments about what I discussed in today's episode, reach out to me through social media or through my website! 

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Routine: Pre-Mealtime, Preschoolers
Routine: Pre-Mealtime, Toddlers
Rules and Expectations: Mealtime
Routine: Post-Mealtime
What I look for during Mealtime (how to support your child if they have difficulty with meals))
Weekly Challenge (parents!)